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MainArtist of The Year2NE1
MainSong of The YearMiss A's "Bad Girl Good Girl"
MainAlbum of The Year2NE1's "To Anyone"
Artist / group awardsBest New Male Artist/GroupCN Blue
Artist / group awardsBest New Female Artist/GroupMiss A
Artist / group awardsBest Male ArtistTaeyang
Artist / group awardsBest Female ArtistBoA
Artist / group awardsBest Male Group2PM
Artist / group awardsBest Female Group2NE1
Music genresBest Rap PerformanceDJ Doc’s "I’m This Kind of Person"
Music genresBest Vocal Performance – SoloGummy's "Because You’re A Man"
Music genresBest Dance Performance – Female GroupMiss A’s "Bad Girl Good Girl"
Music genresBest Dance Performance – Male Group2PM’s “I’ll Be Back”
Music genresBest Dance Performance – SoloRain’s “Love Song”
Music genresBest Band PerformanceHot Potato’s “Confession”
Music genresBest CollaborationGa-In & Jo Kwon’s “We Fell In Love”
Music genresBest Vocal Performance - Group2AM’s “Can't Let You Go Even If I Die”
Music videoBest MV2NE1’s "Can't Nobody"
Popularity awardsThe Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award2PM
Special awardsBest Digital SinglePark Bom’s "You & I"
Special awardsBest Asian Pop Artist (Japan)Perfume
Special awardsBest Asia New ArtistiMe
Special awardsBest Asia Artist (China)Zhang Jie
Special awardsBest International ArtistFar East Movement
Special awardsBest Asian Male GroupChemistry

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